In The Shell...

This post is very different from my usual posts. This one is meant to be sort of a PSA for people who live with a " strong woman" or consider themselves one. It is also my way of creating a safe space on my platform for women and every person who identifies as one. So, here it is.

Who has ever seen inside the shell of a strong woman?

A strong woman is a woman who can do all things by herself.

A strong woman is a woman who has learned from one or multiples lifetimes that it is not ok to be vulnerable. She had seen and experienced firsthand the consequences of allowing people near her, let alone inside her world.

A strong woman is a woman who walks around wearing a shell. To the outside world, she is just rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate, and egotist. And, she has accepted that image, for it keeps potential predators at bay.

A strong woman is fierce. She had to; she was the only person she could count on.

While the world only sees her hard exterior, inside the shell, the woman is licking her wounds. Suppose she has any strength left at all. If not, the "wounds" get "infected," and the world only "smells the pus" in her attitude without seeing the source of it.

A strong woman is a woman who is hurting.

A strong woman gets tired of wearing her armor at all times. But she can’t even trust herself to handle life without it.

A strong woman is a woman who doesn’t know how to be both vulnerable and strong. She doesn’t know if she has what it takes to face the world as her true self. She knows that she needs all the power she can get, but from where if not from her armor.

A strong woman needs other women. A tribe to hold her hands when she is scared, pull her up when she is down, laugh with her when she is happy, and love her unconditionally.

A strong woman needs to know that even when she walks alone, she is carried by the shoulders of the giants before her.

A strong woman needs to know that her journey and healing will turn her into one of the giants the next generations will need to stand on.

To all the strong women, you are not alone. Your tribe is out there waiting for you. Whether they are one person or a few people, they will love you, hold you, and create a space for your healing. So, come out of your shell.

We are here for you.

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