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The New Earthling

On my journey to discover who I really am, I have taken my time to experience and really feel every moment for what it is. Every time I experienced something that touched my heart, I made it a point to put it in writing. Today, I went back to read some of those writing and there is a poem that really stood out to me. And frankly, I can't believe that I wrote that. It was inspired by a time I spent with someone else's baby, but reading it again made me realize that I will probably feel that way about my kids.

I am going to share it with you now, and hope that it touches your heart.

"His eyes: big globes staring at me as if looking for answers only I can give.

They are dark, yet vibrant and full of life as if they wanted to tell me something.

What is this mystery?

I reach out as if to establish contact.

Or maybe I want to ask him all those questions I suspect only he has the answers for.

Swiftly, he grabs my finger, and that gesture alone tells me that all will be ok.

“Who are you?”, I asked with my eyes.

And from the depth of his eyes, I sense the answer: “ HOPE”.

Locked with his grip, my finger is loading information I thought lost somewhere in my being.

Yes, this is a new beginning.

Yes, this is a chance to do things over, to reinvent myself and my world.

Yes, the new earthling could change the world. Yes, there is HOPE.

But what is this feeling that makes my heart close tighter and tighter?

Fear. Why? Why now?

Can I do it? Can I really help this new child carve his path on earth?

Do I have what it takes?

He shakes my finger still in his hands as if to shake me from my doubtful spree.

I get it. It is not just my job.

He will show me my way. And, I will show him his.

Together, we walk the planet.

Together, for eternity".

We don't always control who comes into our lives, but I hope that every relationship brings you peace, fulfillment, joy, and growth.

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