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The Will Of "D"

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The phrase "The Will of D" has been crafted by the creator of a famous anime, Eiichiro Oda, and the anime was entitled " One Piece" in reference to the treasure that all the main characters of the story are coveting. The story takes you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment and opens your mind to many concepts necessary to live a thriving life. However, there is one mystery that has not been clarified so far, and that is the meaning of "the will of D". Many fans have speculated on what it could mean based on the manga version of the story, and after reading them I came up with my own theory.

The whole story is developed around having, pursuing, and achieving dreams to inspire others to pursue theirs as well. There are a few people in the anime, who have dreams that are so big, or should I say outrageous, that they draw people to them. Those people for some reason all have the letter "D" as a middle name and are often referred to as "those with the will of D". On their journey, they surround themselves with people who want to help them or fellow dreamers who have other unconventional dreams and believe that by associating with " those with the will of D", their dreams will also come true. The people with "D" as the middle name also believe that to live is to act, to impose your will on the world in such a way that whether people remember you for the good you did to them or the reasons why they don't like you, you will be remembered by all.

The more I think about it, the more I believe that " the will of D" refers to the power that "DREAMS" have on the world. Dreams are like the seeds of the vision of the world that we would like to live in. The bigger the dream the harder it is to ignore it, and it becomes an obsession. Dreams dictate our actions and our actions define our experiences which in turn make our lives. In the process of making our dreams come true, we become/express what makes us unique, a sort of light that becomes the beacon that others use to guide them on their own journey.

Nobody knows where a dream can take you or what it will ask of you, but every person who follows their dreams will agree that it has a will of its own. And maybe that is the part that scares those who don't follow their dreams. The will of D or the effect of dreams continues even after we have passed, through the people we inspired and the things we created. It means that the will of dreams could also mean their legacy. The bigger the dream, the bigger its impact on the world, and the bigger the legacy.

People might run societies, but dreams drive people. Therefore, dreams run the world.

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